Closing in on the end of the first draft

Posted on July 7, 2010

Green-Eyed Death is not going to defeat me. At last, I’m getting near the end and anticipate reaching that lofty goal by the end of the week. Brave words. I’m not sure why this one is giving me such trouble. Suffice to say, I really wish I’d thought it out more thoroughly from the start. There’s a lesson in there somewhere, but I’ll worry about that when I’ve actually beaten this thing into submission. When I get to the hard parts I find myself playing video games so I pack up and go into town to enjoy a McDonalds iced coffee. I have done this so often that today the counter girl told me what I was going to order before I opened my mouth. I need to change my routine.

In reference to writing this blog, I’ve come to the conclusion that we’ve decided as a nation that even the least interesting, most mundane events in life should be available for all to see and…what? Sympathize with? Use as an excuse to feel righteously superior? Haven’t worked that out yet, and as you can see, my entries are short about generally about nothing. Sorry about that, but I’ve apparently joined the 21st Century very reluctantly.

Color Drain, 1979, serigraph

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  1. Kaye George:

    Nice combination of website and blog, Nora! Very attractive.

    09.07.2010 18:28

  2. Loni Emmert:

    Very nice site! I love the pictures you use with your blogs. Very attractive.

    10.07.2010 22:31

  3. Grace Topping:

    Your comment, “I really wish I’d thought it out more thoroughly from the start,” I think is a terrific reminder to us to do a little outlining before we get well into a book. It can save us a lot of rewriting.

    11.07.2010 07:27

  4. Joann Breslin:

    Oh, I wouldn’t worry about short articles or joining the 21st century. Keep at that writing. I’m trying to revise my first 100 pages. I thought i was done. Ha, ha!

    13.07.2010 10:15

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