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Posted on April 4, 2012

I’ve been lazy about adding to norabarker.com and it’s time to fix that. For example, I need to notify the world that I’ve uploaded White Elephant and Red Hot and Dead so they are now available for readers. I’m still working on #6, Murder in Magenta. I plan to have #4, Blue Murder, available by the summer. I promise to let everyone know.
Number 6 is giving me problems, mostly of my own making and sometimes it feels like a wrestling match between me and the characters. Eventually I think it will straighten itself out. Let’s hope!

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  1. CK:

    Great news! Keep us posted, Nora!

    And thanks again for coming by Schooled in Mystery for an interview.

    26.04.2012 08:17

  2. jedwards:

    You’re welcome. I enjoyed it. Made me think about things a little differently.

    27.04.2012 10:27

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