Murder in Primary Colors is out there!

Posted on June 6, 2011

With a lot of help I’ve finally gotten the first book in the Fine Art of Murder series up as an ebook through Smashwords. Daunting task for the marginally skilled in technology. What I clearly need is a teenager at my elbow at all times. I have to admit to being a little tense (there’s an understatement). After all this time, now at last it will be available to folks with e-readers. My next job is getting the word out, so here goes: Dr. Christmas Connery finds the director of the Midstate University Museum of Art dead, murdered, on the floor of a kinetic sculpture show. This disruption of the normally placid pace of academic life leads from one mystery to another until there’s a second murder and Chris finds herself in danger. Through it all her “murder-buff” mother can’t get enough of the excitement. For Pansy it’s way more fun than playing bridge with the girls.

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6 Responses

  1. Loni Emmert:

    Great cover, can’t wait to read it.

    14.06.2011 11:02

  2. Ellis Vidler:

    Looks good and sounds interesting. Way to go!

    14.06.2011 11:31

  3. Kristi Ansbach:

    Colorful cover! Sounds exciting!

    14.06.2011 14:36

  4. jedwards:

    Thanks so much!

    14.06.2011 14:49

  5. Leigh Herndon:

    A most original murder weapon, and unusual site for the deed. Really great plot–you won’t be able to put your e-reader down!!

    28.06.2011 19:00

  6. DAlbin:

    Just finished ‘Murder in Primary Colors’…good read…keep creating! Mysteries, like art making, are ways to solve interesting problems.

    Thanks! DAlbin, artist

    02.09.2011 06:35

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